Friday, October 6, 2017

Mobile Optimizer - Great Tool for Boosting Phone's Memory and Performance

Mobile Optimizer is one of the amazing apps that optimize an individual's phone in the most efficient way to highly improve its entire performance. It actually assists in speeding app the output of the device by getting rid of unwanted files and freeing up great storage space. This makes the phone to remain efficient when undertaking different functions. Read full news

Thursday, October 5, 2017

7tech Limited Launches an Advanced Mobile Surveillance Software for Android

7tech Limited Launches an Advanced Mobile Surveillance Software for Android

A company best known for developing effective software solutions, 7tech Limited, has released a more advanced software to make spying on mobile phones quicker and easier.

October 5, 2017 - Kowloon, Hong Kong -- 7tech Ltd is pleased to introduce Android Spy, a surveillance software for mobile devices. Android Spy is especially designed for parents looking for an effective tool to help them control and keep track of their children. This mobile spy software records various activities which can be accessed from any location and device with the use of a personal online account.

With the onset of advanced technology, there are many companies releasing newer and more advanced versions of mobile spy software. The fact that there are a lot of companies offering numerous alternatives makes it difficult to decide which the right one is. Thus it is quite significant to take into consideration what it will be used for. The Android Spy for example works best for parents as it can assist them on how their child's mobile activities are going. Taking action immediately is important for it is every parent's duty to know what really happens in their children's everyday life and to protect them from any possible danger nowadays.

The customers can expect not only a useful product but also a superb service and may send a support ticket at anytime with regards to their purchase or any queries about the software. Not only that, the website has a special section showing clear step by step instructions on how to install the software, how to activate Android Spy, and even a tutorial on how to hide the launcher icon if they prefer to do so. They can also choose to purchase Android Spy and AS Lite or avail the offer and try it for 3 days free of charge. Along with the essential tools such as Face Capture and GPS Tracker, the software has many advanced features. Android Spy records calls, SMS, GPS position, clipboard, touches, keystrokes, applications, gallery, camera, contacts, and calendar.

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About 7tech Limited

7tech Limited is an incorporated limited liability company formed in 2009 with its headquarter in Hong Kong. The company’s mission is to develop and sell a set of effective software solutions with advanced technical functions that are easy and pleasant to use for everyone. They also aim to provide their software solutions in the most common languages and hope to reach new customers from all over the world.

Media Contact:

Thorsten Schultz
Company: 7tech Ltd
Address: Units 903-4, 9/F
Kowloon Centre
33 Ashley Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2128 2828

Monday, September 11, 2017

BEFORE EVIL a novel by Alex Kava

International bestseller Alex Kava delivers a stunning prequel to her critically acclaimed Maggie O’Dell series. Visit her online at, Twitter: @alexkava_author, Facebook:/AlexKava.books and Instagram: /AlexKava_Author.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Santa Clarita Website Designer

Now that you have finally decided to get a website for your business, there are some fundamental things you need to know prior to making one of the most important decisions for your business. With regards to choosing the best Santa Clarita web designer for your website, you need to first shop around to examine all options on hand. Other things to consider include:


From the several available Santa Clarita website designs companies to choose from, you need to understand that communication with a potential Santa Clarita web designer is critical in the development of your website. You must be perfectly clear, and sincerely define your goals. This will ensure you are getting value for your money.

Previous Works

Always ask to see samples of any previous works and examine their portfolio. This will assist you in getting a better feel for style of websites your potential Santa Clarita web designer is capable of doing. Generally, website designers have their unique style and design. You can easily spot their previous works based on the color scheme, general layout and general visual appearance of the websites.


Experience is another fundamental factor to consider when choosing any Santa Clarita website design company. Similar to every other profession, web designers get better with experience. Therefore as expected, you will be comfortable by opting for a web design company in Santa Clarita, who has more experience under their belt.

Custom Website

Whether or not your potential Santa Clarita web design company can build a 100% custom website for you or it will just be a basic template website design that thousands of people already have over the Internet, is another important point to define. These days, virtually anybody can create a basic HTML web page in Publisher and change the title to reflect their business. But you need to ask yourself: “Is this exactly what I am looking for?” A custom-built website stands out more and attracts the eye of your potential customers and also shows them that you have a professional web presence.

What about Web Hosting Services?

Web designers generally, will either offer web hosting services or offer some kind of insight as to which hosting company they recommend. They should also be able to assist you in making this selection. By contracting a reputable Santa Clarita web design company to design your new website, you will be giving yourself an immeasurable edge over your competition.

If your website does not engage your market, it is nothing but junk regardless of how beautiful and pleasing it is to eyes. Allagi, Inc offers affordable custom and creative web design and seo services to businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley and greater Los Angeles County.

To know more about Allagi, Inc web design and hosting services in Santa Clarita or to see their web design portfolio, visit their main company website